Slavenski Kalendar 2023: Čuvari Tradicije

Podziel się:

This year the sheets of the Calendar are decorated with chosen keepers of the Slavic tradition. We will dip you into the world of old (and not so old) Slavdom, where the volkhv will tell the future, the guslar will put you in a trance by playing on the goslings, płanetnik will remove the clouds, the soothsayer will remove the charm, whereas fiddler will make you will fall from the tiredness of dancing.

We took up this topic to remind you of the important roles of these characters in Slavic communities, to save these functions from oblivion, and to clear up some misunderstandings.

The artwork has been prepared using multiple techniques, so each card has its own unique style.

The calendar is available in our store (shipping and collection within Poland) since December 7.

For Croatia, we have a new approach. We will be sending calendars via Packeta/Zasilkovna, which can deliver to your door and accept payment in cash on delivery. Prices will be as follows:
1 calendar – 13.50 EUR with CoD,
2 calendars – 23.50 EUR,
3 calendars – 32 EUR,
4 calendars – 41 EUR,
5 calendars (maximum envelope capacity) – 50 EUR.
Please use the form to order (including the phone number), and we will send you a confirmation with no requirement to pay in advance.

Update 19th Jan: the sale per the above approach is closed, contact us via mail in case you would like to order the calendar in any other way.

Completion of the same form is needed for orders to other countries, just that shipping costs depend on the country and the weight of the package, and will be calculated manually and communicated via e-mail.

The cover is decorated by the Priest.